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Does it look phishy?

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Does it look phishy?

  • What’s phishing? Phishing is a sneaky weapon that bad actors, scammers, or cyber criminals use in order to get your personal information.

  • They steal things like your date of birth, passwords, and credit card numbers...but why would they do that?!

  • Cyber criminals want your personal information in order to get into your online accounts. Once they are in your account, they can steal your savings or pretend to be you.

  • So how does it happen? Some scammers will ask you to click on a website link, taking you to an unsecure website where they can steal your private information without you knowing!

  • Others might offer you free gifts like free upgrades or coins for your favourite game to lure you in.

  • Sneaky criminals might even pretend to be someone you know, like a friend or a well-known company to trick you into giving them your account info.

  • Before clicking or entering any personal information, remember to double check the link to make sure the website is secure!


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