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Cyber Safe Kids with Palo Alto Networks


Palo Alto Networks


2021 - Ongoing


Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, India


Education, Public Awareness, Implementation


Palo Alto Networks has set an ambitious goal to educate 1 million people in cybersecurity, aiming to fortify our digital way of life. This initiative, in partnership with Cyberlite, zeroes in on the Asia Pacific region with a focus on imparting knowledge to students, parents, and teachers.

Cyber Safe Kids with Palo Alto Networks


Cyber Safe Kids Education:

Cyberlite spearheaded a comprehensive, long-term program for Singapore’s public schools. Funded by Palo Alto Networks, this initiative involves distributing books to schools for students aged 7-12 years, alongside conducting engaging student workshops. This initiative gained significant traction, leading to collaborations with the IMDA and Media Literacy Council, and a notable participation in Singapore’s national Digital For Life movement.

Cyberlite’s cyber safety workbook, “Ready, Get Set, Connect!” was co-branded with Palo Alto Networks and translated into several Asian languages including Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Melayu. This tailored approach ensures accessibility and relevance across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Regional Expansion:
The workbooks were introduced into Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and India as part of a holistic movement to amplify cyber safety education in the region. The teams worked collaboratively to host workshops as well as conduct 'Train the Trainer' programmes to equip regional teams and employees with the skills to deliver the books and workshops in local languages, ensuring a far-reaching and culturally resonant impact.

CyberFit Nation:

As part of Palo Alto Networks’ wider initiatives to bring cybersecurity education to the public, Cyberlite became a partner of CyberFit Nation to deliver impactful workshops and webinars to organisations across Asia Pacific.

Public Awareness and Community Outreach:
Cyberlite has also facilitated community events with the IMDA, the National Library Board, and SHE Singapore, marking occasions like Safer Internet Day. These events serve as vital platforms for raising public awareness and promoting active community engagement in cybersecurity.

Government Collaboration:
As part of a strategy to make a wider impact, Cyberlite established relationships with relevant government bodies in local jurisdictions. In Singapore, Cyberlite gained significant support from the IMDA to become recognised partners of the Digital for Life movement.  In Australia, custom resources were developed for the NSW Department of Education, alongside a dedicated training programme for the Calatagan Department of Education in the Philippines, exemplifying Cyberlite's commitment to collaborative and impactful educational endeavours.

Cyber Safe Kids with Palo Alto Networks


To date, this collaboration has seen over 50,000 books distributed and has reached upwards of 60,000 individuals through workshops, public awareness campaigns, and various events. This project’s significant impact was recognised with the accolade of 'Best Targeted Community Event' at the Marketing Events Awards 2022, underscoring its success in engaging and educating the community on a crucial and contemporary issue.

Cyber Safe Kids with Palo Alto Networks
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