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Discover a range of dynamic and engaging workshops for students, parents, schools, and public awareness. 


Cyber Safety Programme with Ready, Get Set, Connect! 

This is an all-rounded programme that establishes the foundations of cybersafety and digital citizenship, including cyberbullying, fake news, phishing, grooming, internet privacy, and password protection. Most suitable for 7 to 12 year olds. 


The programme includes;

  • Ready, Get Set, Connect! An interactive workbook for students

  • Student assembly workshop (30-45mins)

  • Parent webinar (60min)


We've worked with schools, government agencies, and non-profit organisations globally to deliver student workshops that enhance learning. Our student workshops provide more depth and context to the conversation of internet safety, and deepen young people's understanding of their online worlds.

Cyber Safety Assembly Talks

Exploring the digital world is an exciting adventure, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Our Cyber Safety Assembly Talk for students is designed to equip young minds with the essential tools and knowledge they need to navigate the online realm securely. From recognising potential risks to making responsible choices, we're here to ensure that students are empowered to embrace the internet with confidence.


We cover a wide range of online safety topics based on the Internet Independent Framework, including: 

  • Digital Identity

  • Privacy & Information Security

  • Digital Media Literacy

  • Phishing

  • Online Relationships

  • Cyberbullying & Abuse

Workshops can be customised on the following: 

  • Topics to cover

  • Duration

  • Format (large assembly, small classroom, etc)

  • Virtual, in-person, or hybrid

Generative AI Safety and Responsibility Assembly Talks

The introduction to generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Bard, will dramatically change the way students work. It is imperative that we teach students at the start of their AI journeys the proper safety skills to understand their roles and responsibilities when interacting with AI. 


We cover a range of topics around using Generative AI tools in a safe and responsible manner, including: 

  • What is generative AI? 

  • Prompt Engineering: How to generate content with AI

  • Responsible usage

  • Privacy and security

  • Plagiarism in education

  • Digital media literacy: fact-checking and fabrications

  • Digital wellbeing

  • Bias in AI

Workshops can be customised on the following: 

  • Topics to cover

  • Duration

  • Format (large assembly, small classroom, etc)

  • Virtual, in-person, or hybrid

Digital Wellbeing Assembly Talks

In the age of constant connectivity, nurturing digital wellbeing is paramount. Our Digital Wellbeing Assembly Talk is a guiding light for young individuals. We'll explore the art of balance in the digital world, focusing on mental health, mindful tech use, and strategies to ensure a harmonious coexistence with screens and devices.


We cover a wide range of digital wellbeing topics based on the Internet Independent Framework, including: 

  • Mental and Emotional Health

  • Digital Usage (screen time, media balance) 

  • Communication and Participation

  • Social media

  • Gaming

Workshops can be customised on the following: 

  • Topics to cover

  • Duration

  • Format (large assembly, small classroom, etc)

  • Virtual, in-person, or hybrid


Staff development workshops aim to equip educators with a deeper understanding of the digital landscapes navigated by children and teens. These workshops are single session workshops suitable for staff development training days. For more comprehensive and robust training, explore the Train the Trainer Academy
Navigating Cyber Space with Students

This session aims to equip educators with a deep understanding of the various cyber spaces frequented by students, the online risks these young individuals face, and the most effective strategies for providing support. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical tools, teachers will gain insights into the latest trends in social media, gaming, and online communication, enabling them to create a safe and positive online environment for their students. By bridging the gap between adult perceptions and the digital realities of children and teens, this workshop will empower teachers to guide their students through the challenges of the digital world with confidence and compassion. Available for primary and secondary school educators.
Introduction to Generative AI for Education

This workshop is suitable for educators at any level of technological expertise, whether you're new to AI or looking to deepen your understanding. Learn the essential topics of what teachers need to know about generative AI and ways to utilise this technology through prompt engineering. Engage in critical discussions on AI safety and responsibility, with issues such as fabrications, online privacy, addressing bias, and promoting digital and mental wellbeing. This session will encourage teachers to explore generative AI technology and gain a better understanding of how to introduce it into your classrooms. 


Caring for your child's online safety requires a collective effort. Our workshops are thoughtfully crafted to initiate essential discussions within families about cyber safety, enabling collaborative development of strategies to secure your child's online environment.
Raising Safe Digital Citizens: A Parenting Talk on Internet Safety

As parents, we strive to provide a safe and enriching online environment for our children. In this session, we'll share expert insights into how kids and teens interact with technology in today's world based around popular apps and games such as Roblox and Snapchat.  The talk will also cover essential strategies for fostering responsible and safe online experiences for your kids, empowering you to be their digital guardians.

Cyber Safe Family Workshop (Parents + Kids)

In today's interconnected world, family safety is a shared responsibility. Our Cyber Safety Workshop for Families brings parents and kids together to embark on a journey of digital resilience. Discover strategies to protect your loved ones while enjoying the internet's benefits. Together, we'll create a secure digital space for your entire family.


Looking for more? Discover our professional development training academy and student ambassador programmes below! 

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