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Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Twitter








Public Awareness


In recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Twitter leveraged its vast global platform to foster safe internet practices and enhance awareness about online risks. Through the #infosecawareness campaign, Twitter's cybersecurity team aimed to elevate public and internal consciousness about internet safety. Cyberlite collaborated with Twitter Security and Twitter Parents to lead parental education on cybersafety, addressing the concerns children encounter in the digital realm.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Twitter


Virtual Book Launch Event with Twitter Parents:

As part of the initiative, Twitter sponsored copies of Cyberlite’s workbook, "Ready, Get Set, Connect!," for their employees. A webinar was hosted to delve into the prevalent online challenges faced by children, strategies for nurturing critical thinking and digital independence at home, and parenting tips tailored for the digitally native generation.

Cyber Mystery Game for Children:

An engaging online Cyber Mystery Game session was organised for children, inviting them to become cyber detectives alongside the book's protagonist, Anna Harper. Participants embarked on a quest for clues to identify the cybercriminal responsible for compromising Anna’s device, with the ultimate goal of securing a top prize.

Public Awareness on Twitter Spaces:

This public live event, hosted on Twitter Spaces with @twittersecurity and @twitterparents, featured a vibrant discussion between Cyberlite’s co-founders and co-authors, Nina and Michelle, and Twitter’s security team. The conversation covered a breadth of topics, from the inspiration behind the book to actionable advice for parents on protecting their children online and empowering the next generation to be cyber savvy.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Twitter


This comprehensive campaign effectively heightened cybersecurity awareness among Twitter employees, parents, children, and the broader public. The engaging and informative activities not only spotlighted Cybersecurity Awareness Month but also emphasised the critical need for ongoing dialogue between parents and children regarding cyber safety. Through this collaborative effort, Cyberlite and Twitter fostered a more informed and resilient digital community.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Twitter
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