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Digital for Life Movement with IMDA and Palo Alto Networks


IMDA, Palo Alto Networks






Public Awareness


In a dynamic collaboration, Cyberlite joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to champion Singapore's Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)'s Digital for Life (DfL) movement. This national initiative seeks to rally the community towards fostering an inclusive digital society, where digital technologies serve as a platform for shared opportunities and empowerment for citizens of all ages. Our partnership was aimed at supporting this vision by implementing community programmes that educate students, teachers, and parents on cyber safety, and by participating in the inaugural Digital for Life Festival to amplify public awareness.

Digital for Life Movement with IMDA and  Palo Alto Networks


Digital for Life Festival Roadshow:

In May 2022, Cyberlite and Palo Alto Networks made a significant presence at the inaugural Digital for Life Festival roadshow. Our involvement spanned hosting a public booth at both Suntec City and Heartbeat@Bedok, alongside conducting workshops designed for families and children.

Public Awareness:

The co-branded booth served as an interactive hub where the public engaged in activities focused on learning about cyber safety. Participants were encouraged to design their own cyber heroes, blending educational content with creative expression.

Family Workshops:

To further our outreach, we delivered hands-on cyber safety workshops for children and their families during the festival. These sessions were crafted to bolster cyber resilience by enhancing awareness and understanding through education.

Ongoing Contribution:

Beyond the festival, the partnership between Palo Alto Networks and Cyberlite continues to enrich the DfL movement through the Cyber Safe Kids programme. This initiative includes the complementary distribution of our cyber safety workbook, "Ready, Get Set, Connect!," along with free workshops for students and parents in local MOE schools, underscoring our commitment to fostering a safer digital environment for the younger generation.

Digital for Life Movement with IMDA and  Palo Alto Networks


The Digital for Life Festival was a resounding success, drawing in over 30,000 attendees across nine days. Our active participation was not only acknowledged by IMDA as a partner of the movement, but also garnered recognition when Senior Minister Tan Kiat How visited our booth, highlighting the importance and impact of our efforts. Through this project, Cyberlite and Palo Alto Networks have made a lasting contribution to Singapore's digital literacy landscape, demonstrating the power of collaborative initiatives in advancing cyber safety and digital well-being.

Digital for Life Movement with IMDA and  Palo Alto Networks
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