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Gamifying Online Safety with Acronis Cyber Foundation


Acronis Cyber Foundation






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Acronis Cyber Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Acronis, is dedicated to advancing global philanthropic initiatives that benefit non-profit organisations and government institutions. In alignment with its mission, the foundation partnered with Cyberlite to develop captivating e-learning modules aimed at 7-14 year olds. The educational content was designed to instil the basics of cyber hygiene and online privacy, equipping young learners with essential digital safety skills.

Gamifying Online Safety with Acronis Cyber Foundation


Concept Development:
In harmony with Acronis' mission and vision, Cyberlite devised a unique and engaging story, drawing upon themes of sports and games within a futuristic cyber landscape. This creative approach was intended to captivate students' interests, making the learning process both enjoyable and informative.

Creative E-Learning Modules:
A series of e-learning modules were crafted, encompassing key learning objectives, scripts, and creative assets. Leveraging the interactive and dynamic nature of e-learning, these modules combined elements of competition and adventure, thereby offering a unique and enjoyable learning experience. Each module was built upon Cyberlite’s Internet Independent Framework, ensuring the content was not only educational but also robust and comprehensive.

Gamification of Learning:
To enhance engagement and retention, storytelling and mini-games were integrated into the module designs. These games, while interactive, were carefully aligned with the learning objectives, showcasing the effectiveness of gamification in education.

LMS Compatibility:
Ensuring broad accessibility and ease of integration, the modules were developed to be compatible with various learning management systems (LMS). This feature allows for seamless adoption across different educational settings.

Teaching Guide:
Recognising the value of teacher-led instruction, Cyberlite also produced supplementary teaching resources. These guides are designed to support educators who wish to incorporate the e-learning modules into their classroom activities, offering a blended learning approach.

Gamifying Online Safety with Acronis Cyber Foundation


Through this initiative, Cyberlite and Acronis Cyber Foundation have contributed significantly to the realm of cyber education for young learners. By merging foundational cybersecurity knowledge with an engaging, gamified learning experience, this project stands as a testament to the potential of innovative educational technologies in fostering a safer digital world for future generations.

Gamifying Online Safety with Acronis Cyber Foundation
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