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Online Safety Education for the Michelle Obama School with Menlo Security


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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the education sector faced unprecedented challenges, notably in adapting to home-based learning and managing the surge in digital device usage among young learners. Addressing these concerns, the vice president of the PTA at Michelle Obama School reached out to Cyberlite, highlighting issues such as inappropriate online etiquette, cyberbullying, and the struggles faced by parents and teachers in regulating screen time. In response, we established a partnership with Menlo Security in a CSR effort aimed at cultivating cyber resilience and enhancing awareness within the school community.

Online Safety Education for the Michelle Obama School with Menlo Security


Corporate Sponsorship:

Recognising the financial constraints that many schools were under, Cyberlite and Menlo Security collaborated to sponsor copies of our cyber safety workbook, "Ready, Get Set, Connect!," for distribution among the students of Michelle Obama School. This initiative ensured that every child had access to valuable learning resources without imposing additional burdens on the school's budget.

Student Workshops:

Over a span of one week, Cyberlite conducted five virtual workshops tailored to the various grade levels within the school. Each session was customised to address the unique challenges and digital environments encountered by different age groups, incorporating relevant examples and interactive elements to engage the students effectively.

Parents Webinar:

To empower parents in navigating the complexities of distance learning and digital supervision, we hosted a dedicated webinar. This session provided insights on managing screen time, fostering a safe online environment at home, and strategies for teaching cyber safety to children.

Online Safety Education for the Michelle Obama School with Menlo Security


This collaborative initiative successfully reached the entire student body of Michelle Obama School, an elementary school within the West Contra Costa Unified School District in Richmond, California. Through the concerted efforts of Cyberlite, Menlo Security, and the school's administration, we were able to provide comprehensive cyber safety education to students, equip parents with essential knowledge and tools, and contribute to a safer, more resilient digital community.


"Online learning has been a challenge that our children, parents and school staff were not prepared for. Protecting our students comes first - physical and virtual. It’s important to educate the students as well as the parents on internet and computer crime. Learning together in these cyber safety workshops coupled with the workbooks, is a great resource for the Michelle Obama School family. We are grateful of the support of Nina Bual, Cyberlite Books and Menlo Security for making this happen!" – Elaine Carbonell, Executive Vice President, Michelle Obama PTA

"In March of 2020 we had to quickly pivot to online schooling for our students. We learned something new every day, including the enormous challenges we faced working to keep our students safe in an online environment. Children have been spending an increased amount of time online using it to socialize and learn, potentially exposing them to more cyber risks than ever before. The workshops and workbooks that Nina Bual and Menlo Security are providing will help our parents and students understand cyber safety and why it is so important." – Claudia Velez, Principal, Michelle Obama School

"Menlo Security believes using the internet should be safe, seamless, and effective. Cyber safety is a key component to this value. The internet should be a safe environment for everyone, especially children, and technology has an important part to play in this. Keeping everyone safe online is a priority. Both parents and children should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure that spending time online is a safe and secure activity. We are delighted to partner with Nina and Cyberlite Books to provide the parents and students at the Michelle Obama school with meaningful and actionable information that will help them stay safe online." – Rosemary Fantozzi, Vice President, Human Resources, Menlo Security

Online Safety Education for the Michelle Obama School with Menlo Security
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