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Unlocking Generative AI Safely and Responsibly with Microsoft




2023 - Ongoing


Singapore, Asia Pacific


Education, Content Development


In a pioneering partnership, Microsoft teamed up with us to create the “Classroom Toolkit: Unlocking Generative AI Safely and Responsibly.” This innovative toolkit aims to enlighten educators and students on the safe and responsible use of generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot. Given the burgeoning popularity of these AI tools in educational settings, the project seeks to bridge the knowledge gap and support the education sector.

Unlocking Generative AI Safely and Responsibly with Microsoft


Field Analysis:

Our initial step involved conducting thorough research and surveys amongst teachers to assess their comprehension and application of generative AI in education. Our findings revealed a general lack of training and understanding of the subject, despite a strong eagerness to learn more about it. This insight was pivotal in shaping our approach to the toolkit’s development.

Creative Concept Development:

To capture the interest of both students and educators, we crafted a creative concept that leverages storytelling methods and instructional design. This approach was designed to bring our presentations and supplementary resources to life, making the learning experience both enjoyable and engaging.

Design Development:

Cyberlite's hallmark is transforming education into a fun and relevant experience for diverse learning environments. The toolkit is enriched with original illustrations and unique interactive activities that elucidate key concepts of generative AI. Additionally, it incorporates essential learning points, drawing upon our deep expertise in online safety education and student learning methodologies.

Collaborative Partnership:

This project saw the co-creation and co-branding of resources with Microsoft, reinforcing our shared dedication to promoting digital safety and resilience. This collaboration not only signifies a joint effort in content creation but also amplifies the impact of our educational endeavours.

Unlocking Generative AI Safely and Responsibly with Microsoft


The “Classroom Toolkit: Unlocking Generative AI Safely and Responsibly” has been published on Microsoft’s Educator Centre, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing digital literacy and safety in the education sector. This publication serves as a testament to our successful collaboration with Microsoft, aiming to empower educators and students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving landscape of generative AI technology safely.

Unlocking Generative AI Safely and Responsibly with Microsoft
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