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Being Influenced

Who is influencing you online?




AGE 14


30 MIN


Students will be able to:

  • Assess the role of social media influencers on audience behaviour and beliefs.

  • Apply the conditions of being a discerning follower of influencers

  • Analyse the impact of followers and likes in shaping online content and persona.


This lesson plan by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Teacher's Guide

Overview for Teachers

This lesson aims to make students aware of the influence of social media, particularly focusing on how influencers can shape opinions, behaviours, and beliefs.

Slide 1

Welcome students to the lesson and briefly explain that today’s lesson is about influencer culture on social media.

Slide 2

Share the lesson objectives of what students will be learning today.

Slide 3

Start with a discussion about which social media influencers the students follow and why, encouraging them to think about their choices and preferences.

Slide 4

Define what an influencer is and discuss their role in shaping opinions and behaviours on social media.

Slide 5

Explain the concept of 'followers' on social media and how this metric influences the reach and impact of an influencer.

Slide 6

Discuss the roles and responsibilities of influencers, and challenge students to think about how they can positively or negatively impact their audience.

Slide 7

Discuss why people choose to become influencers, including the desire to share passions, connect with others, and potentially earn a living.

Slide 8

Explore the impact of likes and followers on an influencer’s popularity and credibility, and how these metrics can affect opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships.

Slide 9

Teach the importance of being a discerning follower, not basing opinions solely on an influencer's popularity or sponsored content.

Slide 10

Discuss the nature of sponsored content, highlighting the importance of recognising and questioning the motivations behind such posts.

Slide 11

Guide a conversation on what to consider before following an influencer, such as alignment with personal values and the nature of their content.

Slide 12

Organise a debate on the impact of social media influencers. Split the class into groups, each supporting or opposing a statement about influencers’ impact.

Slide 13

Instruct each group to research and prepare their arguments, ensuring they use credible sources and develop clear, concise points.

Slide 14

Outline the format of the debate, assigning specific roles like Lead Speaker and Rebuttal Lead. Emphasise the importance of time management during presentations.

Slide 15

Discuss the etiquettes of debating, such as listening respectfully, not interrupting, and presenting arguments constructively.

Slide 16

Present the debate statement: “Social media influencers have a positive impact on youth.” 

Give students time to research, then ask both sides to present their compelling arguments.

Slide 17

Conclude with a reflection session, asking students to share what they learned from the debate and how it has influenced their perception of social media influencers.

Slide 18

Emphasise the importance of thinking critically about the motivations behind influencers' posts and being discerning about who influences their opinions and actions.

Slide 19

Congratulate the students on their participation and encourage them to continue exploring and critically assessing the content they encounter on social media.


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