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My Digital Identity

Who are you online?




AGE 08


30 MIN


Students will be able to:

  • Develop and apply criteria for creating a safe and appropriate username for an online profile

  • Design an avatar that is safe for online use


This lesson plan by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Teacher's Guide

Overview for Teachers

This lesson educates students on the concept of digital identity, focusing on creating safe and appropriate usernames and avatars for online use.

Slide 1

Welcome students to the lesson and briefly explain that today’s lesson is about their digital identities.

Slide 2

Share the lesson objectives of what students will be learning today.

Slide 3

Start the lesson by asking students what username they would choose for a game and why. This helps them start thinking about their online identity.

Slide 4

Explain what a username is and its role in creating an online identity. Emphasise the importance of choosing a username that is unique and doesn't reveal personal information.

Slide 5

Discuss the role of an avatar in digital representation and encourage creative thinking about their own online representation.

Slide 6

Elaborate on the safety benefits of usernames and avatars, particularly in protecting real identity and personal information.

Slide 7

Offer guidance on selecting a safe and appropriate username, highlighting the need to avoid personal information.

Slide 8

Guide students in selecting a suitable avatar, focusing on creativity and appropriateness, and advising against using personal photos.

Slide 9

Lead an activity where students create their own usernames and avatars.

Slide 10

Hand out the materials needed for this activity.

Slide 11

Follow the instructions on the slide.

Slide 12

Have students create a username by combining an adjective and an animal together, ensuring their anonymity online. Encourage students to be creative and come up with their own adjectives and animals.

Slide 13

Write the new username in the rectangular box.

Slide 14

Encourage students to get creative with their avatars, reminding them to use cartoons or drawings when they set up any online accounts instead of a real photo of themselves.

Slide 15

After the drawing activity, have students share their work with the class.

Slide 16

Recap the key lessons, encouraging students to think about the significance of their digital identity and maintaining it securely.

Slide 17

Reinforce the key messages: usernames and avatars serve as safe online disguises, and personal information must remain private.

Slide 18

Congratulate the students on their progress and motivate them to uphold safe online practices.


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