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Secret Codes of Safety

Creating strong passwords for your digital world




AGE 08


30 MIN


Students will be able to:

  • Create strong and secure passwords for their online accounts.

  • Recognise the importance of keeping passwords confidential.


This lesson plan by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Teacher's Guide

Overview for Teachers

This lesson educates students on the importance of creating strong passwords to protect their digital world. It introduces basic rules of password security and how to construct strong passwords for online accounts.

Slide 1

Welcome students to the lesson and briefly explain that today’s lesson is about the role of passwords in protecting our online spaces.

Slide 2

Share the lesson objectives of what students will be learning today.

Slide 3

Engage students by discussing why passwords are necessary for devices and online accounts, highlighting the idea of protection and privacy.

Slide 4

Explain what a password is, and how it is used to protect our online accounts.

Slide 5

Explain passwords as secret codes or keys that protect our online information and accounts, using relatable analogies such as keys to a treasure chest.

Slide 6

Discuss the significance of passwords in keeping personal information, such as game scores or messages, safe from unauthorised access.

Slide 7

Use the analogy of a house key to explain how passwords protect our digital 'homes' from intruders.

Slide 8

Introduce guidelines for creating strong passwords, emphasising length, complexity, and uniqueness. Highlight common mistakes to avoid, such as using easily guessable information and sharing passwords with friends.

Slide 9-10

Facilitate a discussion on the strength of different passwords, encouraging students to identify which passwords are stronger and why, reinforcing the rules discussed.

Slide 11

Announce an activity where students will practise creating their own strong passwords.

Slide 12

Gather the necessary materials to start the activity.

Slide 13

Guide students through the steps of creating a strong password using a fun and interactive method. First start by asking students to write down their favourite ice cream flavour and animal in one line.

Slide 14

Instruct students to rewrite the phrase, but replace the vowels to the symbols.

Slide 15

The instructions will lead students to create a long and strong password. Remind students to use different combinations of words to create new passwords for different accounts.

Slide 16

Invite reflections on the day’s lesson, asking students to share what they've learned about password security.

Slide 17

Emphasise the importance of strong, secure passwords as the foundation of online safety, and remind them never to share passwords with others.

Slide 18

Congratulate the students for their thoughtful participation and remind them to create long and strong passwords.


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