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How to Future-Proof My Child in the AI Generation?

What’s ChatGPT? How will AI affect my child’s future? There’s no doubt generative AI has made a big splash in our modern lives, changing the way we work, live, and learn. If you’re curious about how to future-proof your child in this new AI generation, then join our free parenting webinar as we demystify all your questions about AI!

Presented by Cyberlite’s co-founder and child cyber safety expert, Nina Bual, this session is designed to empower you and your child to confidently step into a future where AI is your copilot. Nina will discuss the potential risks associated with generative AI, from privacy concerns to biased outputs, ensuring you're equipped to support your children safely online. But it's not all cautionary tales; we'll also spotlight the incredible opportunities AI presents. Discover how your child can leverage AI to enhance their learning, creativity, and problem-solving skills, preparing them for a future where AI is a daily tool.

Join us for this enlightening session as we empower parents to understand generative AI and future-proof your children!

Register for free:


May 11, 2024


10am - 11am SGT


Online (Zoom Webinar)

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