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Raising Safe Digital Citizens: A Parenting Webinar on Internet Safety

This event has concluded. Watch the recording of this webinar on YouTube here:

In this informative and engaging webinar, "Raising Safe Digital Citizens," Nina Bual, co-founder of Cyberlite and child cyber safety expert, will delve into the latest trends and insights in the cyber spaces frequented by children, such as Roblox, Snapchat, and TikTok. Our focus is to equip parents with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate and manage their children's online safety effectively. Ms Bual will provide an in-depth analysis of these online spaces, offering practical advice and tools to help parents foster a safe digital environment at home.

This session will empower you with essential tips on setting digital boundaries, understanding privacy settings, and using parental control tools. Join us to gain the confidence and skills necessary to guide your children in becoming responsible digital citizens in an ever-connected world.


March 2, 2024


10am - 11am SGT


Online (Zoom Webinar)

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