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What's Inside My Teen's Online World?

Dive into the online world of teenagers in this eye-opening webinar as we unravel the complexities of social media, cyberbullying, and online safety with Cyberlite’s co-founder, Nina Bual.

In this parenting webinar, we’re taking a close look at the social media universe - from TikTok to Instagram to Snapchat, we’ll discuss the feeds and algorithms that decide what your teen consumes. Learn what cyberbullying looks like in their cyber spaces today, the impact it can have on teens, and how you can spot the signs. Understand the landscape your child navigates daily and the influences shaping their online experiences.

This webinar is packed with practical tips and solid advice to help you support your teen through these challenges. Find out how to talk about online safety, set up a supportive home environment, and equip your teen with the tools they need to manage their online world responsibly.

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July 6, 2024


10am - 11am SGT


Online (Zoom Webinar)

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