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Generating Images with AI

Create images with detailed prompts in generative AI.




AGE 13+


AGE 13+

20 MIN


20 MIN


Students will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of prompt engineering to create various artistic styles and moods in images.

  • Experiment with AI tools to create unique and creative images for different scenarios.


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Teacher's Guide

Overview for Teachers

This lesson focuses on using generative AI tools to create images based on text prompts, highlighting the importance of detailed and creative prompts in guiding AI to produce specific visual outputs.

Important Note

Please ensure you adhere to your school’s approved guidelines and AI policy before introducing this lesson to your students. It is important for educators to be familiar with this technology and its challenges, including the following: 

  • Many AI tools require students to be at least 13 years old, and may require parental consent for those under 18 years old. Read the terms of service and privacy policy before using any AI tool, app, or website. 

  • It is important to teach students about the safe and responsible guidelines of using AI at the start of every lesson.

  • Generative AI tools may occasionally produce inaccurate or fabricated content. Verify the accuracy of AI outputs using discretion and critical thinking. 

  • The outcomes of exercises in this toolkit may differ from provided examples, as they depend on your specific inputs and the AI tools employed.

Slide 1

Welcome the students to the class and introduce the concept of generating visual content with AI.

Slide 2

Start by stressing the importance of ethical and responsible AI use. Encourage an open discussion on each of the guidelines presented, asking students for their input and any experiences they may have had with AI tools.

Slide 3

Ensure that all students have access to the necessary technological tools. Walk them through how to access Image Creator that will be used during the lesson, offering assistance to those who might be less familiar with these tools.

*Note to Educators: you may choose any of the listed AI tools that is in line with your school’s policies

Slide 4

Introduce the lesson's focus on generating images with AI. Explain how text-based prompts can be used to guide AI in creating visual content.

Slide 5

Encourage students to think of themselves as artists using AI as a tool. Discuss how generative AI can create various outputs, including images, videos, and music.

Slide 6

Discuss the difference between open-ended and specific prompts. Use the example of “a banana on a skateboard” to illustrate how an open-ended prompt may be interpreted by the AI.

Slide 7

Discuss how this example of a more specific prompt generates a different result. Compare and contrast the differences by illustrating how the specificity of each prompt changes the AI-generated image.

Slide 8

Explain the elements that can be specified in prompts, such as artistic style, colour scheme, mood, and setting. Highlight how these details affect the final image.

Slide 9

Stress the importance of transparency and ethical use when employing AI tools. Teach students to properly credit and cite AI-generated content.

Slide 10

Conduct a group exercise where students enter specific prompts into an image generator and observe the results. Encourage creativity and experimentation.

Slide 11

Instruct students to enter the prompt “an astronaut cat floating in space” into an image generator, adding their choice of details like style, colours, or mood.

Slide 12

For this exploration task, students can choose to work in pairs, small groups, or independently. Encourage students to use the skills they have learned in this lesson to complete the task ahead.

Slide 13

Assign students the task of creating a movie poster for 'The Colour Thief' using generative AI tools. They should decide on the appearance, genre, and artistic style of the poster.

Slide 14

Invite students to share their AI-generated posters. Encourage discussions on the effectiveness of their prompts and the creativity of the AI responses.

Slide 15

Wrap up the lesson by summarising the key learnings. Encourage continued practice in using AI for creative image generation.


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