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6 Creative AI Projects with Prompt Ideas for the Summer

As the summer holidays approach, many parents worry about their children spending too much unstructured time glued to screens. While limiting mindless scrolling and promoting offline play is important, technology can also be leveraged for enriching, project-based learning activities that promote creativity and skill development. By thoughtfully incorporating active screen time with offline projects, families can strike a balanced approach that allows for independence while instilling valuable life skills.

Redesign Their Rooms

Skills learned: Math, budgeting, project planning and management.

This project encourages kids to reimagine and plan out a functional redesign of their bedroom or other spaces. Using AI tools, they can gather stylistic inspiration, explore color schemes, and get advice on optimal layouts - all while applying math concepts like measuring and spatial planning. 

Try these AI prompts:

  • "Can you help me design the layout of my room, which measures 5m x 4m x 3m? I would like to include a desk, a single bed, and a bean bag. Thank you!"

  • "Suggest a colour palette for a gaming room without the colour black."

Plan a Restaurant-Quality Meal

Skills learned: Budgeting, cooking, writing, planning.

Have kids tap into their inner chef by using AI assistance to craft a cohesive three-course menu idea complete with recipes, cooking tips, budgeting for ingredients, and even a preparation schedule to coordinate timing. Not only do they learn basic cooking, but they also practise essential skills like budgeting, project planning, writing instructions, and time management. And at the end, the family gets a delicious meal! 

Try these AI prompts:

  • (Meal Planning) “Create a three-course meal menu with an appetiser, main course, and dessert that are cohesive and delicious. Please include recipes and cooking tips."

  • (Budgeting) "How can I create a budget for a three-course meal for four people? I want to make sure I include all the necessary ingredients while keeping costs reasonable. Can you provide a cost breakdown for the suggested dishes?"

  • (Preparation Schedule) "Can you create a detailed preparation and cooking schedule for a three-course meal? I want to make sure I have a timeline to follow, including when to start each dish and how to coordinate everything so it's ready to serve together."

Image generated by ChatGPT

Start a Personal Blog/Vlog

Skills learned: Writing, planning, video editing, marketing.

Encourage kids to document their summer experiences by starting their own blog or video blog. They can use productivity tools to organise content calendars and write scripts, while also learning video editing basics to bring their creations to life. Even better, have them research blogging best practices and promotional strategies with AI help to learn about digital marketing and brand-building. 

Try these AI prompts:

  • "Can you show me how to plan out content ideas for a holiday vlog? I want to create a content calendar and organise my ideas for different vlog episodes."

  • "Create a short script that I can use in the introduction of my vlog series.” 

Code a Simple Game or App

Skills learned: Coding, logic, planning, problem-solving.

For kids interested in the world of technology and programming, have them brainstorm and code a basic game or app using free platforms and tutorials found online. This offers a gentle, guided introduction into coding logic and software development in an engaging, gamified way. They'll learn skills like planning user experiences, implementing functionality, and troubleshooting issues. And they'll have a cool self-made tech creation at the end! 

Try these AI prompts: 

  • "I want to make a simple game where the player controls a character and has to collect objects while avoiding obstacles. Can you give me an overview of how to approach building the game logic and basic functionality using Scratch/Python/etc.?"

  • "I need help coming up with creative game or app ideas that are fun and engaging but also simple enough to code as a beginner. Can you suggest some possible concepts and gameplay mechanics to consider?"

Plan an Ideal Trip

Skills learned: Research, planning, budgeting, geography, marketing.

Using AI for travel planning and research, have kids dream up and virtually plan their ideal vacation - whether it's an adventurous national parks trip, relaxing beach getaway, or fun-filled week in a new city. They can explore potential destinations, create itineraries, find lodging/airfare options, build budgets, and more. It's not only a great way to learn about different cultures and logistics, but also brings geography and math into play. For extra creativity, kids can even create sales pitches or promotional media to "advertise" their ideal holiday. 

Try these AI prompts:

  • "I'm interested in planning a 4-day beach vacation somewhere with great snorkelling/water activities for my family of 4. Can you look into top destinations, all-inclusive resorts, approximate costs for hotels/flights, and provide a few curated options to choose from?"

  • "My dream is to visit Tokyo, Japan for 2 weeks next year. Can you help me research and make a list of the top sites to see, find estimates for travel costs, locate potential tours or guides to hire, and provide cultural advice for foreign visitors?"

  • "I want to plan a 10-day trip to national parks in the Western Australia during summer. Can you research and suggest an optimal route, must-see parks to visit, lodging options, and create a draft itinerary?"

Image generated by ChatGPT

Plan and Create a Mini Garden 

Skills learned: Research, planning, budgeting, design, biology, caretaking.

Getting kids interested in gardening combines tech skills with getting hands-on in nature. Have them use gardening apps and online resources to research what plants they'd like to grow and their ideal environment/season. They can then use design tools to plan out a mini garden layout for a planter box or section of the yard. From there, the hands-on work begins - making a budget, acquiring seeds/soil/tools, and doing the physical planting, tending, and nurturing of their garden. This activity promotes patience, responsibility, and understanding of biological concepts. 

Try these AI prompts:

  • “My garden gets X hours of sunlight and I want to grow vegetables/flowers - what should I plant?”

  • "What are some easy steps for planting, watering, and taking care of my small garden? I want my plants to grow big and healthy."

The summer holidays are the perfect time to blend technology with purposeful, skill-building projects that keep kids engaged while developing critical competencies. With a balance of online research and planning coupled with hands-on execution, these ideas provide enriching experiences that prevent summer brain drain. Most importantly, they illustrate how tech can be a supportive tool for learning and creativity when used intentionally - not just aimless distraction. So this year, encourage your child's curiosity and have them flex their problem-solving muscles for a summer of productive, future-prepping fun.


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