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My Cyberspace

Exploring our online spaces!




AGE 07


30 MIN


Students will be able to:

  • Define what their cyberspace is made up of

  • Explain why cyber safety is important to learn


This lesson plan by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Teacher's Guide

Overview for Teachers

This lesson introduces young students to the concept of cyberspace, emphasising the importance of safe and responsible online behaviour. It covers fundamental online safety practices and encourages students to recognize and navigate their digital environments wisely.

Slide 1

Welcome students to the lesson and briefly explain that today’s lesson is about their cyberspaces.

Slide 2

Share the lesson objectives of what students will be learning today.

Slide 3

Begin by asking students what they enjoy most about going online. Encourage them to share their experiences and highlight the diversity of activities available online.

Slide 4

Read the definition of cyberspace from the slide. Challenge students on what they understand about this concept, such as whether they think cyberspace is a real, physical location. 

Slide 5

Introduce the concept of cyberspace, and discuss how people interact in it through playing games, watching videos, and talking to friends.

Slide 6

Discuss examples of cyberspace, such as YouTube, Google, and online games like Minecraft. Ask students to mention other apps, websites, or games they use, fostering a conversation about the variety of online spaces they inhabit.

Slide 7

Draw parallels between learning to cross the street safely and navigating cyberspace safely. Emphasise the importance of enjoying online activities while being protected.

Slide 8

Cover key safety tips like always asking a grown-up before going online, not sharing personal information online, and not talking to strangers they meet online.

Slide 9

In this activity, encourage students to think about the online spaces they frequent.

Slide 10

Hand out the materials needed for this activity.

Slide 11

Guide students through an activity where they draw their cyberspace, including their favourite apps. Provide instructions step-by-step and encourage creativity.

Slide 12

Follow the instructions on this slide.

Slide 13

Facilitate students to draw the apps they use the most in the largest circles.

Slide 14

After the drawing activity, have students share their work with the class. This encourages discussion and understanding of different online preferences and uses among their peers.

Slide 15

Wrap up the lesson by asking students to share what they have learned today.

Slide 16

Conclude the lesson by reiterating the importance of being careful and kind in cyberspace. Remind them to always seek guidance from adults, protect their personal information, and interact safely online.

Slide 17

Congratulate the students on completing the lesson. Encourage them to continue exploring the topic and to practice safe online habits.

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