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Kids, Videos, and Online Games

Ever wonder who your child is hanging out with in Roblox? Who are the influencers they’re following on YouTube?

You’re not alone, and we’ve got just the webinar for you. A recent survey by MCI suggests low awareness among parents on their children’s gaming activities. As it turns out, a lot of parents are in the dark about their children’s gaming habits and video feeds.

Don’t miss our crucial and timely webinar, “Kids, Online Games, and Videos: A Parent’s Guide to Online Safety for the Digital Playground," presented by Nina Bual, Co-Founder of Cyberlite and a renowned child cybersafety expert.

This engaging session will delve into the critical aspects of online gaming safety, highlighting the dangers of phishing, grooming, and cyberbullying that lurk in popular platforms. With a special focus on managing and securing popular apps like Roblox and YouTube, we will offer invaluable insights into creating a safer digital environment for our children. Learn how to set up the right controls and have open conversations with your family about their online activities and experiences.

Register for Free:


April 20, 2024


10am - 11am SGT


Online (Zoom Webinar)

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